June 20, 2020:  The Entry Blank and Info is posted under Entry Info.

June 13, 2020:  The photo looks like pre-Winter Rally.  But actually it was last month setting up the Summer Rally :).  I have the route done and it’s a great one – 4 different mountain passes!


June 9, 2020:  Info on the Summer Challenge Rally on August 1 will be posted here on June 20.  General Info:  August 1; 10 am start; Starting at Randolph, VT McDonalds at Exit 4 of I 89; straightforward TSD with written instructions, tulips and 1 map section.

Feb 29, 2020:  Here it is.  Sorry it took so long.  Congrats to Paul Choiniere and Ralph Beckman for winning overall; and to Scott Carlson and Phil Lamoreaux for winning Class S; and to Alex and Sophia (his daughter) Kuhner for winning the Touring Rally.  I’ll send an email to everyone with some more thoughts this weekend.  Thanks to all for coming to the event.



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