The Rally date is Feb 22, 2020.

Feb 29, 2020:  Here it is.  Sorry it took so long.  Congrats to Paul Choiniere and Ralph Beckman for winning overall; and to Scott Carlson and Phil Lamoreaux for winning Class S; and to Alex and Sophia (his daughter) Kuhner for winning the Touring Rally.  I’ll send an email to everyone with some more thoughts this weekend.  Thanks to all for coming to the event.

Feb 27, 2020:  They are coming – really!  I’ve finished with them; the original formula maker wants to modify them.  He’s in process.

Feb 24, 2020:  Results are half done…but I’m going skiing tomorrow :).  I’ll get them on this site Wed evening.  A quick thanks to all who came\.

Feb 21, 2020:  If anyone is still reading this…..I have posted a slightly revised (and better) PRACTICE 2020. V3.  It is slightly more similar to the actual instructions.  It also includes the correct computed time at the end of each section.

Feb 19, 2020:  Here’s what it looked like yesterday.  I’m not sure it will be this beautiful, but there is some snow.  see you Saturday!

Roads 2.18.20

Feb 6, 2020:  I changed the Practice Instructions slightly.  I’ve reposted it and titled it …V2.  (It just adds one tulip).  You should print those and bring them along for your use.

Also there’s a new entry list; the car numbers have been changed slightly.  It will be the final one unless someone drops out.  BTW if you can’t make it, please tell me when/if you know.

Also the Tech form is posted.

You should print the General Instructions (and read them!) and the Tech form.

Feb 4, 2020:  There are new Practice 2020 instructions on the web.  These will illustrate all the types of instructions.  The route can be run in no more than 1 hour.  I suggest you try it before the rally.

Jan 28, 2020:  The rally is happily full :).  Now some more snow will finish off the preparations.  The route and the different kinds of instructions make it a challenging event.  I’m really happy with both.  The car numbers are still tentative.

Jan 21, 2020:  The Entry List is posted.  1 spot left; I will take 2 “reserves”.  I will contact immediately anyone whose entry is on the “reserve” list.  The Car Numbers are tentative.

Jan 17, 2020:  The General Instructions are posted.

Jan 14, 2020:  New Entry List posted.  24 cars already!  Mike Collier and I pre-checked the rally last Saturday.  Warm and wet conditions but the mileages were good and a few small corrections were made.

Two more items:  The GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS will be posted later this week.  Also the Compass App on your phone will NOT work in some areas!

Jan 7, 2020:  Entry List posted.

Jan 2, 2020:  Happy New Year.  I was out yesterday doing the mileage run.  What a perfect day!  1-2″ of new snow; roads not sanded yet.  That’s the condition we hope for on Feb 22.  One of our faithful competitors. Kathy M., suggested I do an entry list as time goes on.  So I will put up a revised list under ENTRY LIST every Tuesday evening.

Also know that when you send your entry and check in, I hold the checks until the actual rally weekend.

Dec 23, 2019:   Please see the new Entry form.  I have added a section to ask about your cars – Turbo or Supercharged and 4WD.  Please use this new form; I will email those already entered to ask the question.

Dec 13, 2019:  Entry blank and info is posted.

Dec 4, 2019: Some general thoughts:

  1. The roads in Vermont are great! I can’t guarantee snow, but they are twisty and great to drive.
  2. The towns sand their roads quite well – when they are not sanded, they are really slippery!
  3. Using the EZ Trak ‘yellow boxes’ in some areas allows me to have a control every 8 miles on the average – and in some narrow locations.
  4. Those who have done WC will know that my rallies always have some ‘thinking’ legs; I believe that a rally should be more than a ‘follow the leader’ tour through the woods. The first section in WC has a couple of these legs; but you won’t get lost – the route is fail-safe. The second and third sections are very straightforward – just brisk in places.   To help mitigate the ‘tricky’ legs costing too much time, there is a 50 point max penalty on the legs and competitors may drop their worst score in each section.
  5. NEW this year – a TOURING Class – explained as follows:

.Designed for competitors that fit the Novice Class                                                                           .No Class A navigator equipment                                                                                                         .Entrants compete on only Sections I and II –                                                                                     (4pm to 10 pm)                                                                                                                                        .Speeds are reduced and Route Instructions are                                                                                 easier; the route and  controls are the same .                                                                                  .Scoring is separate from the full WC event –                                                                                     (scores may not be finished that evening)                                                                                          .10 car maximum field – trophies for winners

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2 comments on “The Rally date is Feb 22, 2020.
  1. Steve says:

    I looked through all of the information and could not for the life of me figure out where this event is being held other than somewhere in Vermont.

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