The Rally date is Feb 22, 2020.

Dec 4, 2019: Some general thoughts:

  1. The roads in Vermont are great! I can’t guarantee snow, but they are twisty and great to drive.
  2. The towns sand their roads quite well – when they are not sanded, they are really slippery!
  3. Using the EZ Trak ‘yellow boxes’ in some areas allows me to have a control every 8 miles on the average – and in some narrow locations.
  4. Those who have done WC will know that my rallies always have some ‘thinking’ legs; I believe that a rally should be more than a ‘follow the leader’ tour through the woods. The first section in WC has a couple of these legs; but you won’t get lost – the route is fail-safe. The second and third sections are very straightforward – just brisk in places.   To help mitigate the ‘tricky’ legs costing too much time, there is a 50 point max penalty on the legs and competitors may drop their worst score in each section.
  5. NEW this year – a TOURING Class – explained as follows:

.Designed for competitors that fit the Novice Class                                                                           .No Class A navigator equipment                                                                                                         .Entrants compete on only Sections I and II –                                                                                     (4pm to 10 pm)                                                                                                                                        .Speeds are reduced and Route Instructions are                                                                                 easier; the route and  controls are the same .                                                                                  .Scoring is separate from the full WC event –                                                                                     (scores may not be finished that evening)                                                                                          .10 car maximum field – trophies for winners

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